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A working week

Welcome back! It's my fourth week of posting and I feel that I'm just about settling into the rhythm of running a blog! I think it could be nice to eventually build up the amount that I post to even twice a week, Perhaps when I have a little more free time under my belt though!

Been working full time at the pub for the last two weeks which would imply a less than inspiring week for me, and you're right! I did however manage to get myself out this afternoon, after watching the Royal Wedding (Congrats to the happy couple!) and just before starting yet another shift at work!

The Saatchi Gallery in Sloane Square has been my favorite place to visit ever since first visiting in my first year of Art BTEC. I am by no means a fine artist but the work I see there is inspiring to me none the less! Incredible abstract paintings that appear to climb the walls of the building remind me that scale is only an obstacle of my imagination. A collection of paintings by Jean-Philippe Dordolo, See below.

Jean-Philippe Dordolo- Saatchi Gallery

Jean-Philippe Dordolo - Saatchi Gallery

All painted on the reverse side of the canvases remind me not to take my work so seriously and at times play a bit more with how I can produce illustrations.

I believe that if you're looking hard enough, or simply have an open enough mind you'll gain the ability to find inspiration in anything!

If you're about London I highly recommend you visit the Saatchi! This current exhibition is on until the 25th of June but even after that when something else comes along, I've never been disappointed upon visiting this gallery as there's always something that everyone can take away from it.


Ok so I did start writing this on Saturday, It is now Monday which hopefully is a good indicator of how busy things have been! I'm currently sitting on a train on its way to Falmouth and mentally preparing for my return back to my student house.

This week should in theory be pretty easy, with just receiving my assessment feedback and setting up my course exhibition! Both of which I'm really looking forward to!

I will be keeping my art instagram updated with my exhibition progress so please head on over to @jemvennillustrates for more!

The only bad thing will be being back in an empty house where once was a nice atmosphere and a strong bond between housemates but of which now resembles more of a ghost house where it's previous occupants have fled from. But so it goes...

(I am trying to make this less about my personal life but i re-wrote this paragraph three times in an attempt to avoid sharing this feeling and apparently I can't.)

I suppose I could twist and turn that sad statement to become something philosophical, something about my journey or self care in the face of anxiety but it would be a lie to say that I've processed everything and come out the other end with a clear head and a lesson learnt.

It's probably important to know that I most certainly do not have it all together, as I touched on in my first proper post, I do have a history of poor mental health and an uncanny ability to push people away and that's probably what I've done here but I don't think that I'm quite ready to discuss it fully on this blog. Also I don't want to in any way come off as back chatting/ ranting about anyone so I'd need to think a lot more carefully about how I say how I feel which I can't do easily on this A/C deprived train.


I'd like to briefly share a potential new project with you all! I've been conversing with a friend back in London, A certain Mr Sears who in the past has shared some poetry with me has expressed some interest in producing an animation with myself and a friend of his based on said poetry. This discussion only started a few days ago so nothing much has come from it yet but I'm very excited to get started and especially to see how it all comes out!

And so with that I will leave you with my first super early digital sketch from my idea generation process of Mr Sears in the style of the intended animation!

Thanks for stopping by!

Jem v

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