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Intro to Penny

If you're following my instagram you may have come across my recent comic strips including 'Penny the purse moth's debut.

Penny's story began one evening when I went to tesco and ended up paying for a bag of pasta with pennies because that's all I had left and I had to reevaluate my spending habits (for the 100th time...).

A simple image known to many popped into my mind, opening my purse to find a couple of moths instead of change. As usual my mind wandered until I found myself fantasizing about a little moth named Penny who could stop me from spending money so rashly.

And that's it!

The comics were primarily made just for myself but after posting the first one online I received a wonderful reception of people who related to the work and wanted to see more!

I must say that all the messages I began to receive spurred on my creative streak and I couldn't stop myself from making more!

Thankfully this did come at a time of mass inspiration and productivity which helped me work quickly to get all my ideas out onto paper but also I began to receive ideas from other people as to what Penny could help them with!

I can't quite put into words how wonderful it is to have created something that so many people can relate to and enjoy!

Working in a comic format appears to compliment my style as well as my humor which essentially is short, sweet and ever so slightly satirical. I think i'm also just pleased that so many people get my sense of humor!

I'm really looking forward to seeing where Penny takes me and please, If you would like to suggest scenarios for my next comics don't hesitate to send me a message, either here on my contact page or on instagram!

I'm hoping to in the near future create a zine featuring my comics, and not just the Penny ones! so keep an eye out! I am debating setting up a kickstarter for it just to help with printing costs but I'll let you all know if and when that comes along and of course, those who pledge will receive a copy of the zine as well as possibly a couple of prints!

I'm pretty excited to start all that off so I'm sure it shan't be too long before you all hear about it!

Thank you so much again for reading! And to all my returning readers I just wanted to pop a note in about how much I value your support <3

'Till next time!

Jem V


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