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That's a wrap!

Second year has now officially come to an end! Last night we opened the exhibitions private view at Falmouth university which as always was a roaring success!

It's so inspiring to see the degree show, if not at times a little daunting when you see how well your peers are doing!

Although this could be intimidating and off putting, true to my own nature it all just drives me forward to carry on learning and developing my visual language until one day perhaps i feel that it qualifies in the elite league of illustrators who surround me.

I'm now just sitting in on the second year show as an invigilator which gives me a nice chance to really look at all the wonderful work that's been produced this year as last night was so packed that you only really got a slight glimpse of the works as you were maneuvered through the labyrinth of exhibition boards.

-My Board (If you hadn't guessed!!)

- Shot of the exhibition from the first year section into second year

It's such a strange feeling having finished second year... I feel proud to have made it this far and to see how much my work and friendships have developed within such a short amount of time. At the same time however I know that now I have one short year before graduation; A harrowing thought.

I know that I really thrive in a studio environment when I'm constantly surrounded by inspiration, Support and even critics, It's something that I will dearly miss and will strive to recreate when I hopefully start up my very own artist collective! That however is still a long way off, I've given myself 5 years maximum after graduation to have set up a studio (no matter how small) and to be really shaping my illustrative career! I mean this could all change in the future but so far, that's the plan!

But now it's summer! Time probably to relax but I'll always have my little side projects on the go! Just now starting to think about producing more 'Hair of the dog' beer bottle designs as I had my assessment feedback yesterday and my tutor thought it showed good promise and potential so I'm going to have some fun working up some new designs over the next week!

Stay tuned on my instagram- @jemvennillustrates for more!

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Jem V

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